Saturday, December 24, 2011

Research topics of the first year TEMA students

The MA thesis is the peak and main aim of the TEMA Master. The interdisciplinary academic palette of the lectures offers a broad range of probable research projects. For the first sight maybe too broad and difficult to choose one aspect from them. Then again it’s absolutely not all the same that on what topic are You going to work in the next two years! For the sake of adequate future TEMA research topics we post here the list of the thesis’ titles of the first year students. Subjects from a whale of associate disciplines: nationalism studies, cultural heritage, sociology, art history, urban studies, etc. It could be interesting and helpful - especially for the new applicants.

  • An example of official nationalism? A critical analysis of Benedict Anderson's theory of Hungarian nationalism
  • Clash of civilisation as a pretext toward intolerance
  • Construction of Territorial Identity through the Art of Literature in the long 19th Century
  • Dynamiques de sous-développement dans l’est et le sud-est de la Turquie, liées à la question kurde
  • EU strategies for the social inclusion of the Roma community
  • Identité nationale et régionale
  • L’analyse comparative du symbolisme entre le coq gaulois et le dragon chinois
  • Les femmes musulmanes en Sicile aujourd’hui
  • Les transmigrants d'Amérique Latine en Europe et
    l´instrumentalisation de la nostalgie: les biens symboliques de ceux qui partent et retournent
  • Linking politics, housing, communities and environment. The experience of Eco-quartiers in France
  • Nation Building and Nationalism: Recent European Academic Discussion Applied on African Horn as Case Study
  • Nationalism and National Myths as Thematical Source of Art Nouveau Movements in the Habsburg Monarchy
  • Problèmes d’identité, conflit de civilisation et formation d’une nouvelle identité urbaine dans les pays de l’URSS et de l’Asie Centrale
  • Protection and preservation of heritage of Art Nouveau in Europe
  • Regional Identity and Conflicts in Transnistria since Late Communism
  • Settlements and resettlements of ethnic minorities in Lahore City (1857-2000)
  • Territoire, lien ou frontière: identités, conflits ethniques, enjeux et recompositions territoriales
  • The Case Investigation of and the Theoretical Studies on the Value Determination of Regional Cultures-Research on the model of Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection and Development
  • The memory of the Sacred

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