Saturday, December 24, 2011

EHESS @ Paris # Fall 2011


I`ve almost never been satisfied as a tourist: running the cities, the places and the monuments, usually in less than a week, where there is not enough time and chance to live the life, experience the traditions of the country you visit. Also, my wish to upgrade my educational background by studying abroad, made clear my decision to look for a program which offers studies abroad.

TEMA was convenient chance. The offered universities, which are among the most prestigious in Europe, placed in one of the most beautiful cities as Paris, Prague, Budapest and Catania, increased my enthusiasm to apply to this program. I was accepted by the TEMA Consortium and my mobility track includes three universities at three different cities, starting with Paris, as a student at École des hautes études en sciences sociales.

paris je t'aime

So imagine yourself, one whole year in Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world where I am studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the Social Sciences. Having the chance to experience the French culture: the French types of cheese and vine, the most delicious cookies macaroon: the French patisserie, croissant and café… a book in your hands and place yourself in the jardin du Luxembourg or just wish to see Paris from top of Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the view of Montmartre in front of the Sacré-Cœur; Notre Dame and the story of Quasimodo; Versailles… Walking on the streets where the most important historical events happened in 1789, the French revolution; the Quartier Latin; the Louvre and all the precious statues and monuments there and the mode à Pariset violà: you are there, living it, experiencing it as much as you want and you can!

Le jardin du Luxembourg

Of course, not everything is perfect! The period of adaptation of the new system, new life style, new administration and new institutions it’s not so easy. But the one thing that always remains is the experience you gain by dealing all of it, of course with the help of the TEMA coordinators. It is a life chance to become a responsible, grown up, academic person. The possibility of changing universities and cities makes you able to develop different points of view. This Master helps in creating or (better said) measuring different academic experiences.

Being a master student at École des hautes études en Sciences Sociales

French educational system is one of the most exigent but qualitative educational systems. The EHESS is part of the Grand Establissement: it is an administrative French category for the most prestigious high educational institutions.

The university itself hosted dozens of the best scientific researchers in the social sciences in historical, anthropological, geographical and social domains. The TEMA Program in Paris is focused on Territories, Spaces and Society. The system of EHESS gives you the liberty of making your own choice of subjects no matter which discipline, but related to your research subject. The professors give not only theoretical, but also practical examinations and case studies, covered by useful bibliography what provokes the critical thinking. All of the students have one tutor, which follows the work of the student and helps her/his research by narrowing the subject and pointing out the useful books. Actually, it’s a system, pretty different than the one I was used to work in Macedonia, where I came from, but surely useful and successful.

So, in general, it’s a pleasure to be part of TEMA Master Program. My academic experience has just started: my life has been changed, of course in a better terms and I am looking forward to the new experiences, follow my mobility TEMA track.

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  1. hi, i want to know more about the mobilities? do the students chose by themselves?