Monday, November 28, 2011

TEMA Intensive Week


The TEMA consortium creates the opportunity for all students to know each other by getting involved in the Intensive Week. The first day of the intensive week began with the dinner at a cruise and every student got to know each other quite quickly as they had been waiting for this occasion for so many days. It was also surprising for me when I noticed the sitting plan and arrangement of dinner tables. Every student had to make some effort to find his/her seat and when I arrived at my seat I found three strange faces on my table. Indeed, they were my class fellows and after some time we did not remain strangers for each other. After introducing ourselves, we started discussing and chatting as at the usual meetings of old colleagues. The tour of the historical buildings of Budapest made my dinner unforgettable.

In front of the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament

It was a very nice and wonderful experience to get a formal and detailed orientation about the sessions in the seminar room among all students and teachers involved in the TEMA. It was also a very good experience for me when I realized the expertise of the program’s management with which it decided about the mobility track, the student participation and solved all these matters according to the needs of all students.

The visit to the Szentendre Skanzen “Open Air Ethnographic Museum” was a very useful and unique exposure for understanding the culture and living traditions of a country, after this visit everybody was well aware about the evolution of the different aspects of life in Hungary. For us history majors it was a very educating experience to hear about all of this in a very systematic way.

Tour at Szentendre Open Air Museum

I also would like to discuss about the lunch and dinner arrangement of students, as it also served as an occasion to understand and to get to know each other better. It was also a good chance for all of us to understand the local food of the Hungarian Culture.

To sum up, I feel that it is a very good tradition of TEMA consortium to make students get to know each other and provide them some knowledge about where they come from and what they have been doing in their career as well as what they are going to do in future.

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